Windmill Cake

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This is a cake I made for a buddy whose father was coming over from Holland for his 60th birthday. It’s 2 layers of carrot cake, cream cheese icing filling, vanilla buttercream with fondant ‘rocks’ and ‘flowers’ on top plus a wee windmill on top made of pound cake and fondant.
I had originally wanted to construct a larger, more ornate ‘delft blue’ windmill to sit on top but I had 2 things working against me: 1) I’ve never worked with fondant before and 2) I was working under adverse weather conditions – heat and humidity – which kept making the fondant sticky.
So I switched gears and decided to focus on the ‘grass’ and ‘flowers’ and just make a wee windmill to keep with the pastoral Dutch countryside theme. I think it worked quite well! The windmill was looking a little more like something in Santorini but once I painted it, it looked Dutch enough. At least I think it did. Anyway, I love it. I hope they enjoyed!

Maybe I will work on a Santorini scene at some point!



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